Choosing Cribbsproject – New Media Designs

“A lot of companies produce great products at reasonable pricing. So do their competitors. That’s why it’s imperative to let your customers know what sets you apart with a powerful design that piques the interest of your audience so they will engage with you.” – Eric Cribbs, Owner / Creative Director

The hardest customer to get is a new one, which is why clearly defining your message and displaying it in a compelling way is essential to generating new business. It’s also why working with a designer that understands your company’s culture, target audience, and objectives is crucial. Cribbsproject is that designer.

We work with a variety of companies and truly integrate ourselves with our clients so we can help them define their needs and then meet their goals with innovative design solutions. Our customers are our most valuable assets, and we work diligently to supply you with the kind of support you need and trust. Our designs offer up-to-date information on your company utilizing vivid imagery and style. Our job is to connect you with your customer because we want to help you generate a larger clientele and stimulate your sales. Your bottom line is the bottom line.

Customer Service

In this day and age, it seems that there are many Design Firms to choose from. Finding a Firm that actually cares about “YOU” and not just how much money you will bring to the table is harder to find. At Cribbsproject CUSTOMER SERVICE is priority. Our goal is to provide you with the marketing materials you need to run your business, but more important, make sure that when the project is finished, you will want to come back. We are interested in the “RELATIONSHIP” with our clients more than making a quick buck.

Work Ethic

Our work ethic demonstrates many things about the Advertising and Marketing business. This involves respect, communication, and interaction. Cribbsproject works very close with you, the client, to provide a clear and open channel of communication. Honesty and accountability is key to breaking down what Cribbsproject does in particular situations. What is right and acceptable, and above board, versus what is wrong, underhanded, and under the table.

From graphic, web and logo design to print and database design, Cribbsproject utilizes a proven methodology that consistently produces triumphant results - listen to the customer! And, help you identify what's necessary to make your business successful, so we can exceed your expectations. At Cribbsproject, our project is your solution.